Secret to being your own coach

How to coach yourself out of almost any situation?

Coaching is often portrayed in the business world as a mystical tool to leaders personal growth. A tool that can only be used with the help of external support. While it is unarguably an effective tool for personal growth, it does not necessarily require an external support.

External support will become invaluable, if coaching is combined with mentoring & advisory, whereby coachee has a chance to grow beyond his/her own knowledge. Without coach bringing along the added benefits that arise from mentoring & advisory, coachee can, without a doubt, coach himself/herself out of almost any situation.

Am sad to see that coaching in the business landscape has somehow been derailed from it’s origin. Let’s not forget, that in sports best coaches are the ones who have achieved success themselves prior to coaching others. This is what allows them to combine coaching tool with their own valuable knowledge and experience.

Am happy to share a coaching tool with all who want to coach themselves.