Mastering Strategic Storylining

A practical handbook for making better decisions and communicating them flawlessly

A practical handbook for making better decisions and communicating them flawlessly

A practical handbook for making better decisions and communicating them flawlessly

The Strategic Storylining Framework, which is introduced in this handbook, is an easy and practical tool that helps you avoid falling into the decision-making traps (see video).


The Strategic Storylining Framework combines decades of global executive experience with ancient storytelling secrets and wisdom from some of the more common consultancy models. It is broadly applicable – in office and in life. It helps you improve your information structuring skills, enhance the quality of your decisions and ensure that your decisions are clearly communicated. Hundreds of managers at companies ranging from Fortune 500 to small businesses across the world are already using the Framework.


This book is an invaluable companion to managers and politicians who need to make and communicate countless decisions every day!


Have you ever struggled with building a solid chain of arguments in decision-making in order to truly understand the situation at hand, or struggled with giving your PowerPoint deck a strong, clear flow? If so, then Mae’s book provides you with the tools you need paired with hands-on tips and tricks!

Dr. Markus Gremmel Entrepreneur, former CMO BAWAG & Junior Partner at McKinsey

An innovative all-in-one leadership handbook by Mae Leyrer for leaders at all levels of seniority, a practical assistant making strategic decisions in a structured and practical manner. In her Mastering Strategic Storylining, Mae Leyrer takes an innovative approach and succeeds in structuring a pragmatic framework around complex leadership problems. The use of smartphone technology helps to capture the audience and include more material than the size of the book suggests. Practical exercises with provided name tags enable using the framework over and over for finding solutions to different problems and making informed decisions. Mae capitalises on earlier work and research of other leadership scholars and draws logical conclusions for use in everyday life on her own. Illustrations by Margus Tammik make the book attractive and easy to follow. The book also provides useful tips for communication and visualisation.

André Küüsvek President and CEO, Nordic Investment Bank

    Mae Leyrer is Forbes featured executive confidant and guest lecturer with decades of globally successful executive career under her belt.

    Prior to becoming an executive confidant, Mae built her corporate career on three continents and seven distinct countries. Mae has planned, built and executed successful strategies, as well as business turnarounds, in retail, banking and the startup world.