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Coaching managers and teams to liberate their stuck states in decision making, in leadership and in business turnaround


Whether we accept it or not, the ugly truth is that we are all stuck at some point – stuck in our perceptions and our stories, which narrow our thinking. Being in such a state as a leader, executive or manager has an impact beyond oneself. The longer one stays there, the more devastating is the impact to the team and to the company. Coaching is an effective way to overcome a particular stuck state permanently.

Decision Making Coaching

leadership COACHING

Business Turnaround Coaching

“I believe that to really solve a stuck state, means to solve it permanently, leaving no room for boomerang trajectory. This can only be done by expanding thinking, digging deeper and looking beyond blind corners while being open to all insights, especially the painful ones. “



Mirror, challenger, confidant, MENTOR, advisor, guide & coach

Coaching is your thinking journey lasting from two months to a year, sometimes even longer. It evolves as a creative process and is tailored to your needs.

The aim of the journey is to broaden your thinking and for you to discover valuable insights. To achieve it I will be there all in one, as your mirror, challenger, confidant, mentor, advisor, guide and coach.

Safe Environment

Change can be scary. I am there to make it safe. It will be judgment-free journey with collaborative & open dialogue


Valuable Insights

Step-by-step, you will discover valuable insights that broaden your thinking and improve your self awareness, helping you to overcome your stuck state permanently


Tailored Action Plan

To liberate your stuck state, a measurable, tailored action plan is developed and executed


“If it’s a choice between a difficult truth and a simple lie, people will take the lie every time. “




With over 20+ years of successful international executive career, Mae resonates first-hand with leaders and managers and their stuck states. Prior to becoming a certified coach, she built her corporate career on two continents and four distinct countries. Mae is a true challenger who has planned, built and executed successful strategies, as well as business turnarounds, in retail, banking and the startup world.

Her corporate career kicked off in the US while studying Business Administration (State University of New York) and later Finance (Monmouth University). She started with gathering and sharing valuable insights as an intern at Merrill Lynch and proceeded as a business analyst at Byrne Investment Research Inc. After returning to Europe, Mae stepped into banking and worked at Danske Bank for close to decade. Starting in Estonia, in the later years she moved to Denmark, working directly with the group’s Executive Board helping to build and execute strategies across 15 EU markets.

After that banking decade, Mae dedicated time to supporting development of the Estonian financial market and served as Supervisory Board Advisor and Chairwoman for companies across Europe (e.g. OpusCapita, Estonian Cooperative Bank). While being a partner in a consulting boutique, she gathered innovation insights and shared her strategic expertise as co-founder, mentor and interim manager to startups and small-to-large corporates across Europe (incl. Funderbeam, Match-Maker Ventures, Upgraded and Daimler Financial Services). In her latest corporate endeavour, Mae saved a stock-listed fashion retail company, Baltika AS, from bankruptcy.

Mae is certified and recognition earned coach who has improved the skills of managers and executives across Europe since 2015. She serves as President of the WU Executive Academy Advisory Board.

Mae has a unique cultural understanding, having lived, studied and worked on three continents and seven distinct markets (Austria, USA, Estonia, Denmark, India, China, Russia). She graduated with a Global Executive MBA double degree from Vienna University of Economics and Business / Carlson School of Management in 2013.


As a person

Born and raised in Estonia. At the age of 18, grabbed a suitcase and went to the US to broaden my thinking and to acquire a university education. Had no idea how I’d pay for it. Had only my strong will and clear goal. As it later turned out, that was more than sufficient.

This strong will has followed me my entire life and helped to build an international executive career. A desire to always broaden my thinking has taken me to live, work and study on three continents and seven countries (Estonia, US, Denmark, Austria, India, China, Russia). Now I have finally settled down and live as a modern family, where each one of us holds different passports – my husband is Austrian, my son was born in the US and I am Estonian.

My colleagues, clients and friends describe me as an honest, open-minded, always optimistic, warm and supportive person. People tend to feel safe around me; safe to share, to confide and to be who they are. Yet, I’m far from flawless. If there was a support group for perfectionists and workaholics, I’d still be attending.

Am always burning with a deep passion to support others. That’s why I never truly mastered the art of delegation, even in my executive decades. Whenever a teammate called for help, there I was, ready to listen and coach. Actually, it was the best part of the day when someone stepped into my office and asked if I had time to listen and help. What fascinated me the most was not giving the answers, but reflecting and asking questions that helped the teammate reach their own answers. After many years in a  global executive career, I finally realized that committing fully to helping others solve their stuck states is my true calling. It’s a calling that I have unconsciously enjoyed my entire career. 

I resonate well with what it’s like to be stuck as leader or manager. It’s this lost feeling – something is off and you are not sure where to even start to get on the right track, or even what the right track looks like. I’ve been there more than once. The biggest mistake made the first time I felt  stuck was to remain proud and reject support. There I was thinking that doing everything alone made me strong.


My view on coaching

Coaching is a thinking and support journey. It is for any leader or manager, especially when you feel stuck. The ugly truth is, whether we accept it or not, we are all stuck at some point – stuck in our perceptions and our stories. These narrow our thinking.

Coaching means to create a safe environment for partnership where a stuck state can be unravelled. It is done through collaborative and open dialogue. Dialogue, not a monologue nor an avalanche of questions followed by answers. It is dialogue that will broaden your thinking and will help you to see new opportunities. Every person encompasses a tremendous amount of hidden potential which is sadly overshadowed by perceptions and internal stories that we tell ourselves. True potential can be discovered in a safe environment. To create such an environment means to be comfortable with each other. Yes, not every coach is for every leader and vice versa.  A good degree of personal match is necessary. 

Coaching means to broaden your thinking and increase your self awareness. Only after increasing self-awareness did I evolve into a leader capable of seeing myself and others clearer. I only wish I would have done it much earlier in my career. To broaden your thinking means to be there for you as much more than simply a coach. It means to really understand your situation and to know when to be your mirror, challenger, confidant, guide or coach. Every single one of these roles is crucial. To really solve a stuck state means to solve it permanently, leaving no room for a boomerang effect. This can only be done by digging deeper and looking beyond blind corners while being open to insights, especially the painful ones.

There is no shame in asking for support.  Letting someone safely expand your thinking and unravel your stuck state is a strength which will make you grow beyond what you can imagine!



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